Bathroom radiator PRIMO-N

Primo-N is a classic flat tubular radiator with tunnel-shaped side profiles.

Primo-N is a conventional tubular radiator with tunnel-shaped side profiles. Clean and dynamic design makes this collection suitable for heating bathrooms, toilets, corridors, kitchens, fitness centres and other similar places. Its modern and practical design is perfect for drying towels, tea towels and other cloth. We also supply a special towel rail for this purpose. Radiators can be equipped with a heating element for electric and combined heating.


  • steel D-profile: 40 x 30 x 1.5 mm
  • steel tube:  Ø 22 mm


  • into the hot-water central heating system
  • or electric and combined heating systems

Working pressure:

  •  1 MPa


Width (mm) 400 500 600 750
Height (mm) 764 1160 1424 1732

Technical parameters

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